• Rakesh Soni

    Rakkesh Soni, born and raised in Mumbai, is a commerce student from the R.A Podar college of commerce and economics. He learnt photography and later worked under Pritesh Rao, an all-time leading photographer of Mumbai, as an assistant photographer. Taking pictures has always fascinated him, right since his childhood, and he is a staunch believer that every person he captures is photogenic. Rakkesh always wants to share happiness through his work.


    Rakhee Soni is the head of the post production of the company. From all the designing works and editing processes she plays a key role in ensuring that the work that is delivered to the client is on point and well presented. She is the backbone of our company. From client handling after the weddings to making sure every thing falls in place for the company, she has everything under her control.


    An engineer, photographer, videographer and the technical head of the team. He knows hows and whys of the functioning of a specific system. His instant ability to transform an idea into a photograph or a motion image has provided an immediate satisfaction to most of our clients. He has been able to achieve results with his consistent hard work and leadership skills.

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    A master from a young age and a future film maker. Dhruv is a skilful and polished artist who tries to portray his thoughts and ideology distinctively through the eyes of his camera. In any demanding environment. One aspect that makes him stand out is his divergent and out-of-the-box thinking while taking a shot. All his approaches look fresh and show great zeal, which are frequently appreciated by his team and the clients. He has won many awards at various platforms for his unique work.

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